The Philadelphia Community Tap Project is a platform for free tap dance education, practice and performance opportunities in the Philadelphia area.

The Project allows any person - regardless of dance or music experience - accessible opportunities to learn how to tap dance and to participate in a rhythmic tap ensemble. So as to highlight the connection between tap dance and music, all activities, either in the classroom or on stage, will always have live musical accompaniment.  The Project accomplishes this mission in Philadelphia through the offering of educational tap dance residencies and public performance opportunities, which are all made wholly accessible to all participants on a first-come, first-served basis. Through the successful production of these Project events, the Philadelphia Community Tap Project builds a strong tap dance community, furthers the depth and breadth of the education of this American art form, and demonstrates that that tap dance is contemporary, and relevant to audiences. The Project centrally locates all of this important work in Philadelphia, where so much tap dance history was made - - and continues to be made.