Adult Education & Performance Group (AEPG)


The PCTP has been in existence in various ways since 2007, but the "adult education and performance" aspect of it has been going strong since 2014.

The people who participate in this program are a tribe.

A tribe of people who want to keep tap alive and keep it front and center in the public eye.

We've moved from rental studios all over the city to a small home, and now a large home! The PCTP is the heartbeat of Sound Space Performing Arts and demonstrates the communal, accessible and public attributes of this American art form.

It's not a large tribe, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that our love for tap dance is HUGE! Our excitement and enthusiasm is contagious.

As we continue to grow, we continue to build an infrastructure, a culture, a network of creativity and resources.

This year marks a new beginning for the adult program, as we anticipate a new set of free adult workshops, and a transition to regular weekly rehearsals from January-May with live music accompaniment.

The PCTP has been granted city and state funding for the past 4 years, but sustainability needs to go beyond grant cycles. Grant cycles are only a small piece of the picture. Sustainability needs to come from us.

As we continue to build the tribe, everyone benefits, costs can be shared, the knowledge can be spread amongst even more people.

If you'd like to join the tribe, or know someone who would, invite them to YEAR 5 of the AEPG: